Predator Cues


Predator Cues

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Greater accuracy. Predator shafts are engineered to allow the cue ball to push the shaft aside instead of the shaft pushing the cue ball off line.

More spin. Predator produces more spin than any conventional cue, which makes it easier to draw, follow and move your cue ball around the table.

Solid feel. The purer transfer of energy in a Predator produces less vibration and leaves you with very solid, positive feedback from your cue.

Unequaled consistency. Predator's unique 10-piece splicing eliminates grain directionality and produces a consistency of flex and straightness unequaled by any traditional one-piece shaft.

Featured here are these Predator Pool Cues plus others: The Predator SPW Pool Cue, Predator SPJ Pool Cue, Predator SPJ with Linen Pool Cue, the Predator Sports Cue, Predator's popular IKON series and more, plus Predator Shafts.


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