Pool Table Lights


Pool Table Lights

From the Elegant to the Economical, we have the lights for your table: Standard lights, Sports Team Lamps for All MLB, NFL Teams, plus Designer Lights. These are just some of the quality pool table lights featured here: 60" Brass Pool Table Light with 3 Economy Metal Shades, 72" Brass Pool Table Light with 4 Economy Metal Shades, Tiffany style lights, and many more elegant styles, plus professional sports team lights and lamps.

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ACE'S Rough Wrap Cure

Is Your Linen Wrap A Little Rough?
When my linen wrap starts feeling a little rough, I go to the kitchen and get myself a piece of wax paper. With the wax paper, I rub the linen vigorously in the direction it has been wound (not up and down the cue against the grain of the wrap). This vigorous rubbing produces heat, and the process transfers wax to the wrap and produces a smooth glossy finish.


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