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Minnesota Fats
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Rudolph Wanderone (Minnesota Fats)Minnesota Fats Pool Cues: Minnesota Fats (Rudolph Wanderone) is the most recognized name in the history of billiards. With his unique style, persona and gift for the game, Minnesota Fats became a legend for all time, and he managed to give pool more popular exposure than any other player in history. Fats was a showman and a hustler. His spirit lives on through these products. We are honored to be the custodians of the rich Minnesota Fats tradition.

Etta and Minnesota FatsDid You Know? Blues Diva Etta James, who recorded the classic "At Last" long before Beyonce, claimed that her father was none other than Rudolph "Minnesota Fats" Wanderone. Though there is no documentary proof, her mother claimed that he provided them with financial support on the condition that they keep his paternity a secret. Etta reportedly met him once when she tracked him down to a Nashville Hotel. According to her, he acted like he was her father. "When he passed," she said, "he sent me a beautiful golden watch that hung on his clothes that had his name on it. And he sent me a letter, and told me that he wanted me to write a song about him and stuff, which I never did. But I often thought about that."

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