Break Cues


Break Cues

"Make it on the snap!"

Break cues are essential for any pool player who wants to extend the life of their shooting cue. Break cues feature stronger ferrules and harder tips, allowing you to hit with maximum force without worrying about damaging your cue or mushrooming your tip.

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PoolDawg carries jump cues, break cues and jump break cues from numerous manufacturers including Action, Scorpion, Mezz, Predator, Lucasi and Stealth.

Break Shot Tips

Controlling the Cue Ball on the Break. Scratching on the break, or having the cue ball fly off the table, thereby giving your opponent ball-in-hand behind the headstring or, worse, anywhere on the table, is often devastating. Guard against this calamity by deliberately developing cue ball control. Aim carefully, being sure to hit the head ball of the rack flush and strike the cue ball a tip's width above center with a level cue. Exaggerate your follow-through toward your target. Ideally, after striking the rack, the cue ball will bounce back four or five inches and stop dead at center table. Remember, too, you may have to sacrifice some power in order to maintain cue ball control.


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